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When it's a habit
it's a lifestyle.

If it's a habit who
would change it?

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our habit is making habits

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About Us

Pepper is a creative agency obsessed with making habits. We turn your brand into a new behavior that people will repeat enough times, so it becomes a habit without having to think.

This is what makes us different and how we change brands and businesses.

Habits become a part of life. This is our belief. It helps you outmaneuver your competitors. It makes people stick to your brand no matter what.

Mithila De Silva


Mithila is one of those few Sri Lankans who has been able to take his creative talent to the international arena. His work has appeared internationally and has won some of the prestigious prizes awarded for creative advertising in the global stage on several occasions; Adfest, Spikes, Award Awards, Cristal, Epica, Kinsale Shark, Midas, AD Stars and Goafest. In addition to this, he has appeared as a Finalist at Cannes Lions, The One Show, New York Festivals, and he was a Preliminary Jury member in Promotion Category at AD Stars Awards - 2019. Mithila also appeared as one of the Grand Jury members at the New York Festivals Advertising Awards 2020 in Print Category.

Mithila is fond of sharing his experiences and skills to empower other young people and empower them to do things differently.

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Sithu Nirmitha


Sithu Nirmitha is both an award-winning music director and drama director whose work centers around the daily lives of people and politics. Also, a scriptwriter and lyricist. Sithu grew up in Sri Lanka and was educated at Sri Jayawardenapura University where he obtained an Honors Degree in the Sinhalese Language. He then wandered into advertising. He started off at TBWA Sri Lanka and then moved into a local independent agency called Storybook. In 2019, Sithu joined Wunderman Thomspson as a Sinhala Copywriter.

Currently, sithu is a co-founder of a local, independent agency called Pepper Sri Lanka and works as a Senior Sinhala Copywriter. He brings 5 years of industry experience and 15 years of creative experience in script writing, Drama directing, music direction and creative writing to the table.

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Onila De Silva


Onila brings 10 years of experience in art direction, strategic visual thinking and advertising expertise. His foray into advertising took the shape of a modest graphic designer job at an independent, local agency in Sri Lanka. Several years later, he got an upgrade and received work as an Art Director at TBWA\Sri Lanka. In 2018, Onila joined a local startup agency where he worked as a Senior Art Director and subsequently joined Wunderman Thompson.

With deep roots in drawing and painting, Onila combines his creative thinking and the ability to design to help brands communicate with consumers effectively.

He is also an Artist attached to the National Art Gallery of Sri Lanka, sharing his experiences and empowering young students to think, draw and design differently.

Lucky and blessed are the few who can follow their passion and turn it into their profession. Onila is one of them. Boredom never seeps in and he enjoys every bit of work he does.

Currently, Onila is a co-founder of a local, independent agency called Pepper Sri Lanka and contributes to its operations as a Senior Art Director.

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